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To Rent or Buy

10 Feb 2015 Ballajura 0 Comment


For longer than there has been a real estate market, there has been a distinction between the ownership and rental of property. Even hunter-gatherer societies had early forms of these living arrangements. Fortunately we no longer have to physically fight our way onto the property ladder, but it can still be a struggle. If you’re in Perth – whether you are looking at rental properties in Ellenbrook or houses for sale in Ballajura – you may well be taking stock of your options.

Having facilitated the sale and rental of hundreds of properties over the years, Granger Clark understands the pros and cons of buying and rent. Go through the following considerations, apply them to your circumstances and determine whether you should be looking at Perth rental properties or houses for sale in Perth.

Length of Stay

Think about how long you are likely to stay at your new location. The longer this time frame is, the better off you are buying. All that rent you will be paying could be going towards a mortgage instead.


Buying, for example, a house for sale in Landsdale WA, or anywhere for that matter, requires commitment to your lifestyle. If your working life isn’t consistent or your love life tumultuous, you might be better suited to the flexibility that renting offers.

Financial Comparison

Sit down with a calculator and do the maths. If you’re looking at each of these forms of real estate in Marangaroo or Madeley, you need to ascertain how the costs compare. Be sure to include all the associated costs of home ownership, such as insurance, taxes and maintenance in your calculations.


While we are on the subject of finance, if you’re considering buying a house in Perth, you need a deposit and some more in the coffers. A first home buyers grant may make buying irresistible for some, but others may not meet the demands of their financial institutions. Remember a more substantial deposit may appeal to those with a home for sale in Perth, but be sure to set some extra aside when buying. Unforeseen repairs or expenses are inevitable. For those without the luxury of a substantial nest egg, looking at Perth rental properties might be more realistic.

Other Investments

If you do have savings you wish to invest, you need to consider how these are best spent. Buying houses for sale in The Vines, Henley Brook or elsewhere in Perth is generally a great investment, but some may prefer to rent and spend their savings on other opportunities.

Regardless of how your individual situation fits with these considerations, Granger Clark can assist you with real estate. We can help you find the best rental properties in Perth, that match your budget and lifestyle needs. We can also help you find your dream house for sale in Perth, one that is an ideal match for your savings, as well as your lifestyle and investment expectations.

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